Why Choose Us

Reliant Legal was founded by Rita Sahadew, a lawyer with over eighteen years’ experience in the Legal fraternity. Rita is an accomplished lawyer with a proven track record in handling complex legal matters and works collaboratively with her colleagues. She has a solid reputation for achieving cost effective and positive resolutions for her clients. Rita is an exceptional professional and provides honest appraisals of client cases and outcomes.

Our focus is you: When you see us, you can rest assured we know the law, and how it applies to you.

We are accessible: If you are unable to make it to our offices, we can arrange a time to speak with you on the telephone, or arrange a meeting out of office hours and weekends.

No property settlement is too big, or too small: We are experienced in assisting clients with all types of property settlements, from very modest assets pools to large matters involving complex business and trust structures.

Children’s Matters: Child related matters are emotional and overwhelming. We offer practical solutions in the best interest of the whole family.

Criminal, Traffic matters, Licence Disqualifications: we have the knowledge and experience for the best possible result, no matter what your situation.

Predictable costs and fees: We will advise you of the likely costs and fees from the outset. There are no surprises at the end of your case.

No unnecessary expense: Our time and your money are precious. We only pursue justifiable outcomes.

No unnecessary litigation: We prefer an early, negotiated settlement. Litigation is a last resort.

Prompt informative service: You will receive copies of all relevant documents, quick responses to all enquiries and full information about the progress of your matter.

Modern efficient practice: We use the latest technology and systems to increase efficiency and reduce your costs.