Traffic Matters

It is often the matters that appear to be the simplest that are in fact the most complex. Traffic law fits into this category. Some matters are straightforward and others are not. Each case has its own merits and is assessed accordingly. Contact our office for advice on your traffic matter so that you can understand and decide how to deal with the charges.

  • It is easy to make mistakes whilst driving. However, sometimes these mistakes can have a considerable impact on your employment and family life, especially if you are reliant on your vehicle for work purposes.
  • Traffic law can be complex, and a conviction for offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol or dangerous driving can result in a range of penalties from having your licence suspended through to imprisonment. Although some traffic matters may appear straightforward, it is imperative to consult a lawyer for your traffic issue, especially if you are due to appear before a Court.
  • We have extensive experience dealing with traffic matters and are committed to offering you empathetic, up to date and swift representation with whatever traffic issue you are facing.
  • All fees will be reduced to writing for your peace of mind.

The following matters fall into this category, which is by no means a finite list,

  • Namely Drink and drug Driving
  • Unlicensed Driving
  • Refusing Breath Test
  • Speeding Offences
  • Failure to stop
  • Failing to give way
  • Failing to keep left
  • Reckless Driving
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Negligent Driving
  • Predatory Driving
  • Street Racing/Burnout “Hoon legislation”/Reckless driving and similar charges
  • DUI – Driving under the influence of Alcohol & Illegal Drugs
  • Driving whilst Disqualified
  • Suspended or Cancelled
  • Applications for Extraordinary Driver’s Licences in the Magistrates Court
  • Applications for Removal of Life Disqualification in the District Court and Dangerous/DUI Driving causing death or grievous bodily harm