Family Law Childrens Matter

During our first consultation

we will confidently guide our clients through the Family Law process, with a view to providing clarity, knowledge and peace of mind about the process the client is about to embark upon. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be daunting and emotional, and sometimes financially complex, and we appreciate that our clients require practical guidance as to the best way to navigate through these issues. We endeavour to ensure that at the conclusion of our first consultation, our clients have a clear understanding of the Family Law process, and the steps ahead toward achieving resolution.

property settlement and children’s matters. As legal matters, they can run independent of each other and totally separate or as is often the case, at the same time. Separating from your partner can be stressful enough. Then add in the turmoil and confusion concerning what happens with the children including:

  • Who will they live with;
  • When does the other parent spend time with them;
  • What happens on the weekend and school holidays;
  • Birthdays, Christmas and Easter;
  • Telephone contact and
  • Sporting and school events

It’s not always necessary to take the big step and commence proceedings in the Family Court to settle this issue. Often some good advice, simple communication and a good reality check works wonders to resolve these disputes.

  • Sometimes not and then Court is the next and only step.
  • Either way, the advice from Reliant Legal will leave you confident in the how the system works, what you can expect and how to navigate your way through.
  • We are alive to the fact that parenting post separation can be a very challenging task. It can be made even more challenging when the parents are consumed by conflict and fail to see how it is affecting their children.
  • When making decisions about children the court consider what is in the best interest of the child as the most important factor. It is not about what the parents are entitled to or what is fair in the circumstances.
  • The overall purpose of the Family Law system is to ensure the child has the benefit of both his/her parents having a meaningful involvement in their lives, by protecting them from physical and psychological harm, ensuring that they have adequate and proper parenting to achieve their full potential and ensuring that parents fulfil their duties and responsibilities as parents.
  • If it is in the best interest of the child, the court will order that both parents have equal shared parental responsibility (ESPR) for the child. This relates to long term decisions about the care and welfare of the child.
  • ESPR may not be possible if the parents are in high conflict and cannot communicate effectively regarding the children’s needs and welfare. Certainly in cases where there is violence, ESPR may not be ordered.
  • Our years of experience and our reputation for achieving positive results for our clients makes Reliant Legal the trusted choice for your Family Law matter.