Criminial Law

A criminal conviction can have a dramatic effect on you and your family.

It doesn’t matter how minor you think the charge is, it can have a long lasting effects on your employment opportunities, or may prevent future overseas travel. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, competent legal advice can help you determine whether you should be pleading guilty, or not guilty. It will also assist you to navigate your way through the sometimes daunting, and complex criminal justice system. In some situations, we can negotiate with the police prosecutor to withdraw charges, or have them reduced to a lesser offence.

  • Every criminal matter is a serious matter. It requires knowledge, experience and dedication from your legal representation to get you the best possible result, no matter what your situation.
  • Court can be a daunting experience, and you need a team behind you to guide and advise you every step of the way. At Reliant Legal we have over eighteen years’ experience in helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. These include:
  • serious and violent crime, domestic violence, kidnapping, burglary, sexual offences, public order offences, firearm offences, theft, fraud and drug charges.
  • We are committed to ensuring the best possible results for you with our expertise and commitment, making your experience as straightforward, fair and swift as possible. If you are facing criminal charges on any level, contact us today for an obligation free consult.
  • We will advise you about the charge(s) you face, what the prosecution must prove and any relevant defences or mitigating circumstances.
  • If you are facing criminal charges on any level, contact us today. We offer an obligation free initial consultation to discuss your situation, offer legal advice and explain how we can help.

We can provide advice and representation for all criminal law charges, including:

  • Assaults, Wounding, Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Stealing and Fraud
  • Burglary and Robbery
  • Drug possession, selling, supplying and trafficking
  • Sex offences against adults and children
  • Possession and distribution of Child Exploitation Material
  • Indecent dealings
  • Public Indecency or Public Order offences
  • Firearms
  • Arson
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

We can appear in all Western Australian courts, both metropolitan and country. If your matter is being heard in a court outside of the Perth Metropolitan area, we can either travel to you to appear in person, or appear via an audio or video link (where allowed).

The types of matters we regularly deal with include:

  • Pleas in mitigation after a plea of guilty
  • Negotiation with the prosecution to discontinue, downgrade or amend your charge
  • Bail Applications and variations
  • Spent Conviction applications both at the time of sentence and for old convictions
  • District Court Applications in respect of life time driving disqualification
  • Applications for Extraordinary Drivers Licence
  • Children’s Court Matters
  • Restraining Order Matters